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Reece announces bid for third term as sheriff


Johnson County Sheriff Mike Reece wants the public to know he has enjoyed his time in office.

Mike Reece

Mike Reece

In fact, he has enjoyed it so much that he isn’t quite ready to let it go.
“This is something that I want to continue to do for the people of Johnson County,” Reece said. “I love what I’m doing, and I want to continue to serve the people.”

With his announcement, Reece becomes the first to officially declare his candidacy, though two other individuals have also filed their paperwork.

“It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do,” Reece said. “When I was growing up, as a little boy, I thought there was nothing like law enforcement.”

Part of that fascination may have stemmed from Reece’s family background. His uncle, Kermit Reece, served as Johnson County sheriff in 1964.

“My father would take me around the jail then, when his brother was sheriff,” Reece said. “I guess that’s when I first really got interested in it.”

Over the years, that interest remained, and, for the past 28 years Reece has worked in some law enforcement capacity in Johnson County.

“I started out in the jail as a correctional officer … under Sheriff Roy Rice,” Reece said. “He sent me to the police academy. I moved up through the ranks, and I was appointed chief deputy under Sheriff Ed Casey … in the early ’90s.”


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