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Rent talks continue in shadow of possible AB&T move


Photo by Brandon Hicks

Photo by Brandon Hicks
Carter County Tomorrow Chairman Richard Tester tells board members he believes the group should study an “agreed-upon procedures” report before setting policies and procedures for the organization.

When July 1 rolls around, there could be more vacant space at the Carter County Workforce Development Complex.

Although the Alliance for Business and Training and Carter County Tomorrow have been negotiating a rental price for the space AB&T occupies at the center, those negotiations only cover rent through June.

“They only want to have an agreement through June 30,” said Carter County Tomorrow President Tom Anderson. “This isn’t a long-term agreement.”

That’s because AB&T is considering its options.

Board member Dale Fair, who sits on the AB&T board as well as the CCT board, said that the organization has been approached by another entity, which means AB&T might move to a new location.

Also, AB&T has demanded that rent at the Workforce Development Complex be reduced to $7,000 a month through June, Anderson said.

“They’ve had to make some tough decisions,” Anderson said. “Now they are in the position to where they don’t necessarily have the revenue to support the space they are occupying.”

The impact of sequestration, which eliminated funding for some of AB&T’s revenue-generating services, has caused the organization to consider other options for the future, said AB&T Director Kathy Pierce.

“We are in a transition period right now,” Pierce said. “We’re looking at what our options might be.”

The Alliance for Business and Training helps people find and become trained for jobs.

CCT Finance Director and Workforce Development Complex Director Kim Eggers provided those who attended the joint meeting of the full CCT board and its executive board on Monday with background on the amount of rent paid to them by AB&T.

Eggers said she compared rent prices from 2000 to AB&T’s current rent payments.

“In 2000, they were paying us $11,429 a month,” she said.

In 2001 and 2002, rent payments increased by about $1,000. Then in 2003, the rent payment began its descent.
“In 2003, it was $10,000,” she said.

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