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Report of forced drug use results in meth charges


Police say claims made by a man who said he was held captive in a Carter County home and forced to take drugs for several days led to the discovery of a host of reported materials related to methamphetamine.

Jonathan Randolph Campbell

Jonathan Randolph Campbell

Samara Lynnett Wilcox

Samara Lynnett Wilcox

Shannon David Long

Shannon David Long

Carter County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Harmon Duncan said Jonathan Randolph Campbell, 33, and Samara Lynnett Wilcox, 39, were arrested Monday afternoon at their home at 2451 Old Elizabethton Highway,  Johnson City, after officers executed a search warrant.

Duncan said a report made by a man being treated at Johnson City Medical Center claimed that he was held against his will at the home and injected with an unknown drug.

Duncan said those claims were still under investigation, but said officers responding to the home for a “knock-and-talk” with the residents noticed dismantled lithium batteries, a common ingredient used in methamphetamine manufacturing, outside the house.

Duncan said that after receiving a search warrant, officers entered the home and reported discovering other methamphetamine ingredients, including salt, ammonium nitrate, lithium, drain cleaner, acetone, peroxide and empty packages of pseudoephedrine.

“There wasn’t an active cook going on when we searched the place, but they had a lot of medication and other signs that a cook had taken place,” Duncan said.

He said Wilcox admitted to officers that meth had been produced in the house over the weekend.


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