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Residents find convenience in early voting


Local residents hoping to avoid the long lines on Election Day have increasingly turned to early voting with each successive election cycle.

Photo by Brandon Hicks
Carter County resident John Teilhet participated in early voting Wednesday afternoon at the courthouse. Early voting continues through Thursday, Nov. 1, in the conference room at the Carter County Courthouse.

Election officials have noticed a definite increase in the number of Carter County residents who have cast their votes this year during early voting compared to the same period of time during the 2008 presidential election.

Poll workers have been greeted by a steady flow of early voters each day at the Carter County Courthouse.

“Carter County voters are making it clear they want their voices to be heard in this election,” said Administrator of Elections Tracy Harris. “We are hopeful that the rest of the early voting period will be just as successful as our first few days.”

Through the first seven days of the early voting period, a total of 5,021 voters have cast their ballots, compared to 4,495 votes cast during the same time period in 2008.


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