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Retired Teachers learn about traditional musical instruments


The Carter County/Elizabethton Retired Teachers Association met Tuesday, Nov. 13, at Memorial Presbyterian Church. Pat Hicks, president, called the meeting to order. Charles VonCannon led the pledge to the flag. Greg Key, minister at West Side Christian Church, provided the devotional and prayer. His text for devotions was taken from Proverbs 19: 11; Colossians 3: 13; and Doris Kearns Goodwin’s biography of Abraham Lincoln. He asked, “How do you react when someone slights you? He clarified the question by stating that the slight could be on purpose or accidental. He told of Solomon’s advice in Proverbs and Paul’s advice in Colossians. Goodwin’s book provided an example of how President Abraham Lincoln reacted with forgiveness when he was slighted. Minister Key emphasized overlooking offenses and practicing forgiveness. He closed devotions with prayer.

Photo by Brandon Hicks
Participating in the November meeting of the Carter County/Elizabethton Retired Teachers
Association were Greg Key, minister at West Side Christian Church; Chad Bogart with Sycamore
Shoals State Historic Park; CCERTA President Pat Hicks; and CCERTA member Charles


Chad Bogart of Sycamore Shoals State Historic Park and Carter Mansion provided the program and music. He noted that while conducting tours at Carter Mansion people expressed interest in the later life of historical figures. He provided examples of John Sevier and Landon Carter after the Battle at Kings Mountain until their deaths. Some interesting facts concerning John Sevier were: elected governor of the state of Franklin; became the first governor of the state of Tennessee; served as a U.S. Indian agent to the Creek Indians in Alabama in the 1810s; death and burial in Alabama; and the exhumation of his body to Knoxville where he was buried beside his wife, Bonnie Kate. Some interesting facts concerning Landon Carter were: served as a lieutenant at Kings Mountain but returned home as a captain; fought at Boyd’s Creek; chosen as Secretary of State for the state of Franklin; served as a senator for the state of Tennessee; died in 1800 at 44 years of age; and Elizabethton, the county seat of Carter County, was named after his wife, Elizabeth.


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