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Reworked area will expand office, storage and work space for staff


Photo by Danny Davis Library

Photo by Danny Davis
Elizabethton/Carter County Public Library boardmember Dan Woods, ECCPL Director Mel Goff and Holston River Regional Library Director Nancy Roark look over a renovated office space upstairs over the library. The steps were installed to provide a method for fire escape.

A vacated office space above the Elizabethton/Carter County Public Library will soon provide more work space for the ECCPL staff.

The renovated space is upstairs over the old Post Office portion of the library and last housed the local Forest Service office.

Library Director Mel Goff said the space would house a storage area, a work area for the library’s children’s department and the director’s office. Before the renovation that room had been used for storage.

The decision to renovate the upstairs area came about to address the library staff’s limited work areas.

Goff said that now, staff members share desks and work spaces in the downstairs staff area. Also, when staff members are working on projects for decorations or displays in the library or for the children’s program, the work is done in the community meeting room. Because so many activities take place in that room, the projects have to be packed up and moved back and forth until they are finished.

“We just need more space for the staff in general,” she said. “The workspace upstairs would allow the staff to spread out the projects and work on them until they are completed. They could leave them where they were and come back to them.”

As for the staff work space, she said it would serve the library better if the director’s office on the ground floor could serve “double duty” as a work space for her and for other staff.

Currently the director’s office is where the internet comes into the library. Because the director’s office materials includes some confidential items, the office has to remain locked when Goff is not in it. In situations where the internet goes down and Goff is not at the library, she has to be called in to unlock the office so repair crews can fix problems.

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