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Roan Mountain man accused of stabbing at Elizabethton eatery


Elizabethton police charged a Roan Mountain man with aggravated assault Wednesday night after officers said he stabbed a man with a box cutter during a fight at a city restaurant.

Ricardo Mayse

Ricardo Mayse

Ricardo Carmello Mayse was arrested on East Mill Street at approximately 8 p.m. by Elizabethton Police Department Patrol Officer Lincoln Orellana when witnesses reported a man in a tank top and red shorts fleeing from the scene of a stabbing in the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant parking lot on Broad Street.

In a police report, Orellana wrote that Trevor Guy, an assistant manager at the restaurant, approached Mayse in the parking lot and asked him to leave the property, stating the man was asked several times not to come back to the eatery.

According to Orellana, Guy is dating Mayse’s ex-girlfriend.

Witnesses told police that when the manager approached Mayse in the parking lot, Mayse punched him and then pulled out a box cutter when the man tried to defend himself.

Guy was transported to Sycamore Shoals Hospital for treatment to a laceration on the left side of his chest.


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