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Roan Valley trees once again take the spotlight


Photo by Kayla Carter
Roan Valley Tree Farm owner Wayne Ayres escorted Tennessee’s first lady Crissy Haslam to the location where the concolor fir tree to be transported to the Governors Mansion next week has been growing for about 8 years.

Just in time for November’s first snow flurry in Carter County, Tennessee first lady Crissy Haslam visited the Roan Valley Tree Farm off of Okolona Road on Tuesday to see the trees she will use to celebrate the holiday season in her home this year.

For Ole Barn Restaurant and Roan Valley Tree Farm owner Wayne Ayres, the spirit of giving is as much of a tradition as it is for the farm’s trees to be on prominent display.

In its 52 years of operation, Ayres said the farm has donated trees to places like the U.S. Capitol as well as other federal buildings and an arboretum in Washington D.C.

“We’ve also had a tree at the Georgia capitol,” Ayers said. “It’s a tradition. I enjoy it and I’m grateful that they think our trees are good enough to go there.”

And for the past three years, his trees have also had a very special place inside the Tennessee Governor’s Mansion.

“These are some of our Tennessee Christmas tree growers,” Haslam said about the Ayers. “They have given us trees in the past to put in the Tennessee residence and they are giving us trees again this year.”

This year, Ayers donated a concolor fir, which had been growing on his farm for about 8 years, and also a Fraser fir.

“I’ve really been happy to spread the word about Tennessee Christmas tree growers,” Haslam said. “I wanted to come and thank them today.”


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