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Rotary continues good cause through Robinson golf event


Funding one of the biggest Elizabethton and Carter County-based scholarships for local students, 52 golfers joined the Elizabethton Rotary Club for its annual Charlie Robinson Memorial Golf Tournament at Elizabethton Golf Course on Wednesday.


On the course, several locals battled it out in good fun for a victory. Off the greens, hard-working local students from Carter County are the true winners.


The tournament, named after Robinson, the late publisher of the Elizabethton Star and a longtime member of the Rotary Club, has been held since the mid-1980s to fund scholarships at three local insitutions.


“It’s a great thing,” said Nathan Goodwin, President of the Elizabethton Rotary Club and nephew of the tournament’s namesake. “It benefits local students who go to local institutions. We provide money every year to students going to East Tennessee State, Northeast State and Tennessee Technology Center here.


“It’s an honor to be a part of it, especially it being named after my uncle Charlie. It’s a great event.”


Funds raised annually from the tournament support a new student each year for the two or four years they attend one of the three schools.


The tournament is select-shot involving teams of four golfers with door prizes arwarded at the end of the day.


“We’ve got all kinds of people throughout town (help with the tournament),” said Goodwin. “Fatz Cafe, Dominos Pizza, Chick-fil-A have donated things for us. Everybody chips in and does their part.”


Tammy Hyder, who is actively involved in the tournament for the Rotary Club, said the event raises around $8-10,000 per year for the scholarships as well as community service with with a local daycare center.


“We’re out here to support our community,” said Hyder, who added the Rotary Club is currently recruiting new members who are interested in what they do for the community.


“We try to get the community involved in what we do as well. We’re actually recruiting members so anybody that would like to join the Rotary Club, we’re very active and gives you an opportunity to work in the community and support what we do. We’d like to have them with us.”


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