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Safety message in game-show format gives Unaka High School students fun and facts


Unaka High School senior Anthony Johnson steered his “Skippers” team to victory in the ThinkFast driving safety game Photo by Brandon Hicksshow at the school Thursday morning.

And he steered the winnings to his teammates as well.

“It was a lot of fun,” Johnson said. “They asked different questions that related to automobile safety and general knowledge.”

After his final-round win at the podium, Johnson opted to share the grand prize, a $140 iTunes gift card, with his team.
It was only fair, because many questions in the beginning of the program were answered as a team. And Johnson said teammate Marisa Williams was able to shout out the correct answer to the winning question to him from the bleachers. Johnson, Williams, Sierra Gouge, Michael Nave and Bridget Anderson were all a part of the Skippers team.

“There was a lot of pressure,” Johnson said. “Everyone was really competitive and wanted to win.”

To submit answers, students used wireless remotes throughout the ThinkFast Interactive Awareness Program, which is sponsored by the Governor’s Highway Safety Office and Nissan North America.

Unaka High School was one of a select few schools to host the game show free of charge.

Mia Vickers, deputy director at the Governor’s Highway Safety Office, said the program is typically shown in schools that reside in counties that have higher teen crash fatalities. Currently, Carter County is No. 36 statewide for the most teen fatalities caused by a car crash.


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