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Senior from Elizabethton set to graduate as Milligan’s first political science major


As foreign and domestic politics heat up the headlines during the presidential election, the timing could not be better for Milligan College’s new political science major, which began this fall.

Colin Blowers is on track to graduate as Milligan College’s first political science major.

“Even when it’s not election season, political issues matter,” said Colin Blowers, a Milligan senior from Elizabethton. “These conversations people are having are so valuable. I think it’s wonderful that the political science major could come onto the Milligan academic scene at a time when students are reminded of the import of these issues.”

Blowers, who is particularly interested in Middle East politics, spent the fall 2011 semester studying in Jerusalem. He soaked up Milligan’s humanities curriculum and political science courses. In those classes, Blowers tackled issues he considers foundational to politics, such as what it means to be human.


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