February 12th , 2014 16:04 pm 3 Comments

Seven EHS students charged in bus vandalism


Seven Elizabethton High School students have been charged in the Feb. 3 vandalism of 14 of the school system’s buses.

All seven juveniles have been charged with vandalism over $1,000 and criminal conspiracy. A juvenile court date has been scheduled for April.

Capt. Joy Markland, chief of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Elizabethton Police Department, released information on the investigation Wednesday afternoon.

According to the EPD, the seven juvenile boys traveled together to Johnson City where they purchased the sugar. They then returned to Elizabethton where they poured it into the diesel tanks of the buses where they say in the parking lot at EHS. Also, tires of seven of the buses were flattened.

The vandalism occurred at approximately 1:20 a.m. on Feb. 3. Bus drivers were alerted to the vandalism when the buses started to malfunction on the routes.

Damage to the buses has been estimated at more than $4,000, but the exact amount of restitution that will be sought has yet to be determined.

See tomorrow’s Elizabethton Star for a full story on the investigation.


3 Responses to Seven EHS students charged in bus vandalism

  1. Shadow says:

    Get over it,these children are probable deprived and suffering from affuenza.Our youth become bored with video games and need some excitement in their lives.

  2. DON says:

    Give each one 500 hours of community service picking up trash from
    highways wearing jail clothes.

  3. anna says:

    I believe that we have allowed our children to run rampant due to the government saying what we can and cannot due. If it had been my children i would have whipped the shit out of them all the way home. Children now days think they can do just what ever they want to do. We as parents need to stand up and take responsiblity for the way our kids act first all you need to know where your kids are and what they are doing my kids knew that if it come to snooping i would have done it and also I would pop in every so often that my kids didn’t know when i would show up at any given time to let them know they could not get a lot past me I allowed my children some freedom and allowed them to make mistake that talk them life lessons my children are now grown and respectful members of the community but as parents you have to take control and teach children respect, honesty and show them some love and know who there friends are and what they are into that’s the only way our children are going to grow up and learn life’s lessons so parents punish your children and teach them they cannot get away without punishment i know it’s hard to punish your children but stand up and take control

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