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Sharon Culler fills home with Christmas spirit


Photo by Brandon Hicks

Photo by Brandon Hicks
Sharon Culler says the Christmas Village is one of her favorite parts of her Christmas display.

Photo by Brandon Hicks

Photo by Brandon Hicks
Snowmen and top hats cover one of Sharon Culler’s Christmas tree.

Visitors to Sharon Culler’s home find it hard to miss the Christmas spirit in her household.

Culler’s home in west Elizabethton features 14 Christmas trees, hundreds of Santa Clauses and snowmen and a lighted Christmas village with more than 60 pieces. Her Christmas collection is the result of years of planning and an overwhelming love for the Christmas holiday.

“This started when I lived in Siam with my (late) husband Chuck,” Culler said. “I just kept collecting. I love Christmas. It is all about the birth of Jesus. That is the reason we celebrate.”

Culler starts decorating her home in October, starting with the exterior decorations. She then moves inside, with a goal of having all the decorations completed by Thanksgiving.

Culler’s Christmas spirit is evident from the first step in the front door. She has a snowman-themed Christmas tree, two motion-activated Santa Claus figurines, mistletoe and a portrait of Old Saint Nick to complete the display in the entryway.

Culler decorates the snowman tree with only snowman ornaments – except for the top hat ornaments that were added this year.

“I try to do all glass ornaments on this tree,” she said. “I have been collecting them for years. I found some top hats to go on it, and a top hat for the top, which is really neat.”

She noted the snowman tree was special for her grandson Reece Culler. She said the tree was his favorite and was where all of his presents were kept until it was time to open them.

Other trees in the home include the Gold Tree, which is the main family tree in the living room; a blue tree featuring blue birds and a Santa tree in the dining room; a white and teal tree in the master bedroom, a red and green “jolly” tree in the den, a picture tree in the bathroom, a small tree on the staircase, a pink and white tree in her daughter’s room, a Santa tree and poinsettia trees in the spare bedrooms.

A major highlight in the home is the more-than-60-piece St. Nicholas Square Village that is on display in her den. She has been collecting parts for the village for at least 25 years.

“The Christmas village is my favorite,” Culler said.


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