November 29th , 2012 11:47 am 2 Comments

Sheriff announces meth arrests


Overnight raids by the Carter County Sheriff’s Department netted arrests of some of the 30 people indicted recently by a grand jury on methamphetamine charges and ended in the seizure of three clandestine labs.

According to a release by the CCSD, 18 of those 30 are now behind bars after the raids as part of a surge in activity the department is calling “Operation Street Sweeper.”

Sheriff Chris Mathes announced the arrests at a press conference Thursday afternoon and decried the negative affects of the drugs on their users and the communities in which they live.

The sheriff said the latest round of raids focused on the Hampton and Roan Mountain communities and thanked the residents in those areas who aided police investigations.

For more, read tomorrow’s edition of the Elizabethton Star.


2 Responses to Sheriff announces meth arrests

  1. givemeshelter says:

    YES!! This is what the war on drugs should be doing! Meth is a danger to society in every way possible.

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