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Sheriff says extra patrols hindered Halloween hijinks


Although Halloween night can sometimes result in pranks, vandalism, or other activities that can prove troublesome to law enforcement, Sheriff Chris Mathes said last night proved to be “pretty uneventful.”

“There was nothing really to speak of,” Mathes said. “We had a couple of small little fires — tires that people had set on fire, a brush fire — but nothing to speak of.”

While the evening proved uneventful, Mathes said he still prepared for the worst.
“We had triple normal patrols,” Mathes said. “In some instances, (we had) quadruple, because we have reserve deputies.”

Mathes added that the weather may have also played a part in limiting any Halloween shenanigans.

“The weather came in in the early morning hours,” Mathes said. “We probably started getting some rain at about 2 or 2:30 this morning.”

Whether it was inclement weather or a stronger police presence, Mathes said he hoped the lack of activity indicated that Halloween went pleasantly for Carter County residents.

“It was a pretty uneventful night,” Mathes said. “Hopefully everyone had a very good Halloween last night.”


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