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Sheriff’s department claims fight at drug store led to fatal crash


The Carter County Sheriff’s Office claims a fight in October in the parking lot of an Elizabethton drug store where three people were purchasing ingredients to make methamphetamine ultimately resulted in the deaths of two young children and their mother after a vehicle crash on 19E.

Robert Moffitt

Robert Moffitt

Johnny Hensley

Johnny Hensley

Keri Baird

Keri Baird

In a media release from Carter County Sheriff Chris Mathes’ office Wednesday, Robert James Moffitt, Johnny Kay Hensley and Keri Ellen Baird are accused of purchasing pseudoephedrine at the CVS drug store on 19E with the intent to make the illicit drug.

The release said an altercation ¬†between Moffitt and Katrina Nye in the drug store’s parking lot “led to events which resulted to the fatal accident” that killed the woman and her two children, Dalton Moffitt and Johnathan Nye.

Hensley was arrested May 28 by CCSD officers during a roundup of drug suspects. Moffitt was arrested on June 16.

Both face methamphetamine-related charges.

The release says the sheriff’s department is still searching for Baird.

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One Response to Sheriff’s department claims fight at drug store led to fatal crash

  1. Tara Renee Tolley says:

    I know Robert J. Moffitt better than most people and I know for a fact that he would never have done anything to cause the death of his son. He loved Dalton almost more than anything else in the world. Their’s only one other that he loved that much and that is his daughter, Toni. There is no way in this world that he would have ever done anything to to cause harm to his kids or cause the wreck that killed his son. The CCSD are just trying to add that to his charges so they can say the case was solved. I in no way will ever believe he had a single thing to do with that wreck. Period!! He loved both of those boys with all his heart! I have known Robert for 10 years and I know these things for a fact!! The CCSD shouldnt add those charges to him without knowing every facet of the truth. Robert did not cause that wreck!!!

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