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Stoney Creek’s Hardin, Ensor are county honorees


This year, Stoney Creek will boast two inductees for the Carter County Imagination Library’s Educators Hall of Fame celebration.

Kate Ensor

Kate Ensor

John H. Hardin

John H. Hardin

Kate Ensor and John Hardin, who both spent the bulk of their teaching careers at Unaka High School, will be honored during the ceremony, which kicks off on Saturday, Sept. 14, at 6 p.m. in the fellowship hall of First Christian Church.

For Ensor, who died in 1987, the church could prove to be a fitting place in which her career could be remembered. Etta Perry, her niece, said that in addition to being a good teacher, Ensor could also be described as a “strong Christian woman.”

“She always wanted to do what was moral and right,” Perry said. “And she expected the same from everyone else.”

In her 36-year career teaching mathematics at UHS, Perry said Ensor used Christian tenets of patience and generosity in dealing with students who struggled with the subject matter.


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