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Stray shot clips Carter County man, but he focuses on positive


Photo by Brandon Hicks

Photo by Brandon Hicks
Luther Taylor shows off his bandaged leg with Sharon Livingston on the front porch of his home at 124 Dugger Branch Road in Stoney Creek. Taylor was grazed by a stray bullet.

Luther Taylor was enjoying a cigarette on his front porch in the brisk autumn air.

Then a bullet tore through his leg and brought him to his knees.

Most people would understand if he was upset. In reality, Taylor just thinks he’s a lucky guy.

“Absolutely,” Taylor said. “The Lord was with me today.”

On Thursday afternoon, Taylor said he was struck by a stray bullet while three men were target-shooting in the pasture adjacent to his house at 124 Dugger Branch Road in Stoney Creek.

His caretaker, Sharon Livingston, was worried, not only because Taylor was shot, but because he was taking blood-thinning medication. Fortunately for Taylor, the bullet only grazed him, and Livingston said she was able to successfully treat the wound.

“It just broke the skin a little bit,” Livingston said. “It just gave us a terrible scare.”

Initially, however, Livingston said she thought the wound was worse than it was, and told her granddaughter to call 911.

Members of the Carter County Emergency and Rescue Squad and Carter County Sheriff’s Department arrived on the scene, but Taylor’s injury was deemed so minor that he was treated on-site, and not provided emergency transport.

Keller and Livingston weren’t the only ones who were initially afraid, however. Livingston said that, after she knew Taylor had been shot, the three men who were shooting came to check on him.

“They were scared to death,” Livingston said. “They were terrified. They said it was the worst thing that had ever happened to them in their lives.”

Livingston said she and Taylor watched the three men set up their targets and knew there could be trouble.


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