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Students learn fire safety


Stop, drop and roll!Photo by Brandon Hicks

Scores of students from the Early Learning Center visited the Elizabethton Fire Department Tuesday morning to learn fire safety skills, to visit the fire station to mark Fire Prevention Month … and to have fun.

Capt. Rusty Barnett led the tour for the 90 students, who came to the fire department in two groups on Tuesday morning.

The youngsters were told about the importance of smoke detectors, and the need to have an emergency family plan in case of fire at their home. They were told to have a place to meet outside away from the home so everyone would know where the other family members were.

The children were also taught the proper method to “stop, drop and roll” in case their clothes were to ever catch on fire. The children were told to cover their faces while rolling, and to roll until their clothes were extinguished.

Members of the EFD also dressed in the department’s turnout gear to show the youngsters what a firefighter would look like if they ever had to enter their home to fight a fire. The children went on a tour of the station and viewed the fire trucks, equipment and the living quarters for the firefighters.


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