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‘Super lab’ meth bust in Roan Mountain


Authorities have discovered what some are calling the largest single-pot methamphetamine lab ever discovered in Carter County.

Or, as Carter County Sheriff Chris Mathes called it, a “super lab.”

On Tuesday afternoon, officers with the Carter County Sheriff’s Department responded to the house at 8377 Highway 19E in Roan Mountain. The house’s resident, Timothy Blackwell, has been arrested.

Mathes said preliminary estimates indicate more than 50 one-pot labs were discovered inside the house, making it the largest lab discovered by the CCSD. One officer at the scene confirmed Mathes’ claim.

“This is the biggest meth lab I have ever worked,” said Capt. Mike Little.

Because the house is in the process of being decontaminated, the exact number of labs has yet to be determined. The Carter County Emergency and Rescue Squad’s HazMat team is in the process of cleaning both the house and the suspect.

Check back with the Star for more details as they emerge.


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