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Teen has first book published


Eva Rayne Deel at 18 years of age has already written more than most people do in a lifetime. Deel, who is an avid writer as well as reader, has just had her first novel published. Entitled “Bittersweet,” Eva began writing the book while in middle school, and finished it earlier this year.

Eva Rayne Deel

Eva described her first book — a work of fiction — a story of a young girl and her experiences of growing up. “It’s about how relationships change as you get older, misunderstandings and the usual things a young person might encounter as she grows up,” she said this week while on a visit to Northeast Tennessee to see her grandparents, Ray and Joe Heaton.

Eva lives in Tecumseh, Mich., where she graduated high school just a few days ago.

“I’ve always written, and I’ve always wanted to write a book and be published. I can’t ever remember a time I didn’t write,” noting that she has an internet blog and off and on has kept a journal. She also wrote for her school newspaper in Tecumseh, and when living in Independence, Mo., wrote a monthly column for the city paper. Eva has also had articles published in the Tecumseh Herald and this past year was recognized by the Tecumseh Education Association for her writing.

The book “Bittersweet” is about the character, Ellie, who has finally graduated from high school. Feeling invincible she and her best friend, Bridget, decide to spend the summer before college several states away with a close childhood friend. During the summer amidst movie nights and lots of coffee, Allie soon learns what and who is important in life and who she hopes to become. The book currently is only available through Amazon and Kindle. However, she hopes to soon make it available to bookstores and libraries.

Her dream is to be an overseas correspondent and be a career writer. She is already working on a second book. “This one is more of a science fiction book,” Eva said, noting she is an avid reader of Annette Curtic Klause’s books. She also enjoys works by Norman Mailer.

Eva plans to begin college in the fall at the University of Central Missouri.

Eva writes under the pen name of Eva Rayne. For the next several days she and her mother and brother are visiting in Elizabethton with her grandparents.


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