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Thursday, September 8 – FYI


Marriage Licenses


Kenneth Wayne Fraze and Lacey Lenae Ferguson, 210 Cash Hollow Road, Elizabethton.


Scotty Ray Garland and Amanda Michelle Haerr, 129 Campbell Road, Elizabethton.


Billy Jack Grindstaff Jr. and Amanda Nicole Parlier, 2140 Siam Road, Elizabethton.


Catlin Winston Hill and Shawna Lynne Woodby, 126 Joe Wilson Road, Elizabethton.


Edwin Gene Macy Jr. and Jill Allison Rowe Rowe, 1521 Siam Road, Elizabethton.


Bradley Keith Marlowe and Whitney Brooke McClure, 115 Townview Estates Drive, Apt. 1, Elizabethton.


Roby Paul Martin and Gabrielle Rhunett Taylor, 104 Garland Cemetey Road, Elizabethton.


David James Martin and Kelly Ann Griner, 1207 Michigan Ave., Elizabethton.


Nathan Bradley Miller and Nicole Marie Morris, 129 Beryl Blevins Road, Elizabethton.


Caleb Ray Osborne and Whitney Jeanine Murray, 565 Crook St., Hampton.


Clifton Gayle Thomas and Krystal Dawn Heaton, 110 Dan Berry Hill Road, Lot 10, Elizabethton.


David Allen Tolley and Kelli Jo Cross Kyker, 970 Fairview Road, Hampton.


Edward Russell Yonek and Leslie Michaele Kelly, 1327 Barkley Road, McKeesport, Pa.



Circuit Court


Tammy Lunceford vs. Gary Lunceford (divorce).


Georgia Anne LeCates vs. Robert David LeCates (divorce).


Elizabeth Darlene Birchfield vs. Jeffrey Howard Birchfield (divorce).


Teresa A. Allen etal vs. Lindsey M. Grindstaff etal (damage tort).



Chancery Court


Annette R. Vanover vs. Larry V. Vanover (divorce).


Martha E. Green Tipton vs. Dorsey Tipton (divorce).


Tina Louise Watson vs. Jon Christopher Watson (divorce.)


Brenda Marie Proffitt Lyons vs. Richard Douglas Lyons (divorce).


Phillip Lee Carpenter vs. Jessica Michele Carpenter (divorce).


Raymond Gortney, Charles A. Demard, wife, Shirley A.M. Demard vs. David Landis (declaratory judgment).


Pamela Renee Thomas Sloan vs. Troy Dale Sloan (divorce).


Shanna L. Whitaker vs. Gregory A. Whitaker (motion to set support).


Cleo Edith Guy Henson vs. Percy Vance Henson (divorce).


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