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Trustee says tax notices are in the mail


Later this week, Carter County property owners should notice something they have been anticipating in the mail.

Carter County Trustee Randall Lewis said he mailed approximately 40,000 tax notices Monday morning.

“It will tell them how much their 2013 taxes will be,” Lewis said. “This means that revenue will start coming in for the county.”

Because the 2013 Carter County property tax rate was increased by 18 cents, Lewis said it may have been difficult for some land owners to try to calculate their total payments based on last year’s rate.

Also, there was concern about a delay in the mailing of tax notices, which occurred two weeks ago after the state comptroller’s office did not send the notices along with other tax-related materials.

“We received them later this year than normal,” Lewis said.

Normally, Lewis said the notices are mailed out in October.

“They are a couple weeks late,” Lewis said. “We were at the mercy of the state to get the tax notices sent to us.”

Although the notices are slightly behind schedule, Lewis said the delay should not impact anyone’s ability to pay the taxes on time.

“The deadline is not until Feb. 28 of next year,” Lewis said. “Everything is OK as far as I can see at this time.”

However, one more factor could still somewhat delay the notices, Lewis said.

“If they were just staying in the county then they would go through Johnson City,” Lewis said. “Some of the land owners live out of state and so they have to go through Knoxville in order for them to be separated.”

Because there was also concern in the community about the sending of tax notices after budget talks earlier this year, Lewis said he was happy to announce that land owners should receive a notice by the end of the week.

“The property assessor’s office as well as the trustee’s office had to come up with the money in order to get the tax notices printed and mailed out,” Lewis said. “But, they will receive a tax notice. If they do not receive a tax notice, they can call the office and we can send them one.”

Lewis said property owners may call the Trustee’s office at 542-1811 with any questions or concerns.


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