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Trustee’s Office preparing to mail property tax notices


The Carter County Trustee’s Office is preparing to send out notices for property taxes and is offering local residents various means to pay their dues, including the implementation of partial payments.

Photo by Brandon Hicks
Employees at the Carter County Trustee’s Office are preparing to send tax notices to local residents.

Trustee Randal Lewis said he expects notices to be mailed out by Oct. 15.

To pay taxes, Clerk Gloria Colbaugh said residents need to be sure to bring all of their notices to the Trustee’s Office. “If you have more than one parcel, make sure you pay all of your taxes and make sure you have your notices,” she said.

A majority of local residents pay their taxes at the office, where clerks can only accept cash, check or money order. The office does not have the capabilities to take credit or debit card. Citizens wanting to use a credit or debit card can do so online, at www.carter.tennesseetrustee.org, or by calling 1-877-768-5048. Individuals using online services will be charged a fee to utilize this service. The fee rate is 2.75 percent to use a credit or debit card, and 1.5 percent for e-checks.


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