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Two teens arrested in Blue Springs Gun Shop robbery


Although the Carter County Sheriff’s Department has arrested two in connection to the Blue Springs Gun Shop robbery, officers say it wasn’t the only place that had been robbed by these two suspects.

Joshua Wade Ray

Joshua Wade Ray

On Monday, Sheriff Chris Mathes said that Joshua Wade Ray, 19, 132 Dogtown Road, and a 17-year-old Elizabethton teenager were arrested after officers said they were caught selling some of the merchandise stolen from the store.

After his officers received an anonymous tip from a private citizen, Mathes said his department launched an undercover operation to further investigate the claim.

“We were able to infiltrate the people who were buying and selling these guns,” Mathes said. “We were able to purchase one of the guns, which led to a second purchase … of six guns. At that point, we were able to take off and apprehend two individuals involved.”

While his officers recovered many of the weapons stolen from the Blue Springs Gun Shop robbery, which occurred on Dec. 1, some of the other firearms were from separate incidents.

“We’re still sorting through that,” Mathes said. “We’ve also identified some guns from other burglaries. We think we’re going to be able to clear up at least two other burglaries in addition to this one.”

For more details on the arrest and the investigation, look for the full story in Tuesday’s edition of the Star.


Two teens have been arrested after the Carter County Sheriff’s Department launched an investigation into a robbery at Blue Springs Gun Shop in Stoney Creek.

The robbery occurred on Dec. 1 and more than $15,000 in merchandise and cash were taken from the store.

Carter County Sheriff Chris Mathes scheduled a press conference regarding the robbery for today.

Keep checking back with the STAR as more details emerge.


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