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Ward offers update on county school security study


People were still filing into Valley Forge Elementary’s gymnasium well after the Carter County Board of Education called its meeting to order Thursday night.

Some may have been there to glean some insight into what the board had planned to make the county’s schools better.
Others may have attended to hear how the board was addressing the hot topic of school security.

In all likelihood, though, most were there to see their child receive a certificate of achievement for an academic or athletic honor.

Interim Director of Schools Kevin Ward updated the board on the system’s study of school security.

While he noted that the state legislature would soon be discussing the matter, he also told the crowd that a committee had been formed for the sole purpose of investigating the current state of security in all the county’s schools.

“We broke this large group into four smaller groups so we can cover the county more effectively,” Ward said. “We’re going to put everything together and find out what our principals and our secretaries are telling us (about security).”


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