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Warrior Spirit: Band growing in numbers and stature


Photo by Brandon Hicks

The Happy Valley High School Warriors band won second place in Class AA during the Hilltopper Invitational and earned a Division I superior score at the David Crockett Marching Band Festival.

In terms of participation and talent, the 2013-2014 school year has proven to be a success for the Happy Valley High School marching band.

Happy Valley Principal Terry Hubbard said she’s proud of the marching band this year and the record-breaking number of students involved.

“They have been very successful this year and in the past,” Hubbard said. “Over the past four years, they have been growing. They are up now to almost 60 kids. This year the numbers are the highest they have ever been. A goal we set previously was to get more and more involved in band.”

A couple programs initiated three years ago by the school has helped the band’s popularity increase over the past few years, she said.

“During one period a day, we send the band director to Central Elementary, which is one of our feeder schools,” Hubbard said. “He goes there to work with and become familiar with those children in order to incorporate them into the band at the high school.”

Happy Valley Middle School also receives visits from Raymond Morton, Warriors band director. Because the next step for middle schoolers is high school, Hubbard said Morton inspires those children to join the high school band when they start attending school there.

“During the Christmas parade,” Hubbard said, “(Morton) lets the 8th grade join in.”

Since there are many senior band students, Hubbard said she is looking forward to seeing next year’s freshmen students.
“We hope to keep growing,” she said.

As promised when the 2013-2014 season started, the Happy Valley High School band has been busy competing in regional competitions.


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