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Watauga River crossing preserves Overmountain history


Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area’s visitors were briefly transported back in time to 1780 for the annual re-enactment of the Overmountain Men crossing the Watauga River on their way to King’s Mountain to fight the British in the Revolutionary War.

The Overmountain Men re-enactors fire a rifle volley at Sycamore Shoals.

The Overmountain Men re-enactors fire a rifle volley at Sycamore Shoals.

Every year on Sept. 25, members of the Overmountain Victory Trail Association cross the river at Sycamore Shoals as a part of their effort to recreate the entire march of the Overmountain Men. Close to 1,000 soldiers mustered for the march to the 1780 Battle of Kings Mountain, which is often known as the turning point in the Revolutionary War.

Dozens of spectators and other re-enactors gathered at Sycamore Shoals to welcome the Overmountain Men on this leg of their journey. The audience was treated to a performance by Keli Dahl, from Knoxville, who sang “God Bless America” from the river.

This was Dahl’s second time completing the Overmountain walk. She is blind and is guided along the route with the help of her father, Mike Dahl.


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