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Welcome September


The heat and humidity won’t go away just because August is history, but the annual arrival of the ninth month shifts our sights from a land that’s par-boiled to one that’s near-bout as close to heaven as possible.


After all, turning the page of the calendar to September marks the beginning of our meteorological autumn. Cooler, clearer days are on the way.


During ancient times this month was known as barley time, when fresh harvested barley was being brewed for a favorite winter drink.


These fast-moving days see the opening of dove season, the regular appearance of yellow school buses and the opening days of football.


September is when the fish begin awakening from their summer stupor and when the sap flow to the leaves begins to taper off and autumn’s colors start to appear.


It’s also, as if we need reminding, the peak of the hurricane season, a season that this year has started off all-too-strongly. Here’s hoping for an especially mild month in which to savor September’s many blessings.


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