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Woman charged with child neglect after assault


After two run-ins with police in less than two hours, an Elizabethton woman was arrested on a child abuse charge after a claim was made that she endangered her child’s life in a moving vehicle.

Christa Love Sams

Christa Love Sams

At 6:48 p.m. on Friday, Elizabethton Police Officer Sarah Ellison arrested Christa Love Sams, 35, 208 Eisenhour St., Elizabethton, after allegations that she assaulted the driver of the vehicle that was transporting her and her 7-year-old child down West Elk Avenue.

Before her arrest, however, Sams had a previous encounter with the EPD at 5:04 p.m. at the Dollar Tree store at 101 Hudson Drive. EPD Capt. Anthony Buck reported that the store manager, Garland Blevins, told him he caught Sams with unpurchased items in her purse.

Instead of filing charges, however, Blevins said he wanted Sams to stay out of his store under threat of trespassing charges.

Less than two hours later, Sams had another encounter with the EPD.

In her official report, Ellison said officers responded to a call in the parking lot of Prosound, at 120 W. Elk Ave., from Alexis Pilkington, who said that Sams assaulted her while she was driving.

Pilkington told officers she had agreed to transport Sams, who was described as living in a “transient situation,” and the child to a place to stay for the evening. The two then started a discussion about Sams’ lifestyle and the choices she was making for the child.


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