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Woman thankful for recovery of credit card


To the editor:

It seems that every time I turn on the TV or read a newspaper, I hear reports of crime and bad things happening in our work and in our own community. I want to talk about the many good things that happen around us every day.

According to the calendar, “Make A Difference Day” is Oct. 27. We hear of random acts of kindness, when someone does a kindness for a complete stranger and takes no credit for it. There are many people in this community who do kind things for strangers every day and think nothing of it. Every day is “make a difference day” to them.

I was at the Elizabethton Walmart Sept. 12, rushing around, trying to grab some groceries and get home to a house full of company. I threw my groceries in the car and started the long drive home and then realized I needed to get gas.

I then realized my credit card was missing. I remember hurriedly sticking it in my pocket instead of replacing it in my purse as I usually do when I left the Walmart. The credit card must have fallen out when I took my car keys out of my pocket to open the door to load the groceries.

I rushed back to the place I had parked, with little hopes of finding the card. It was not there, so I rushed into the store to the customers service desk, thinking someone is using my card right now and will charge thousands before I can get it cancelled.

The woman at the desk told me a woman had brought it in, and it had been locked in a drawer. I thanked her and gave a big sigh of relief.

I kept thinking I really want to thank the woman who found my credit card and brought it into the store. I am writing this letter to thank her. That was a wonderful act of kindness she did for me.

I am proud to live in Carter County among such honest, caring people.

-Frances VanLandingham, Butler


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