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Writer says Williams has benefited Carter County


To the editor:

In response to the letter published in the Oct. 10 edition of the Elizabethton Star from Jim Buchanan, chairman of the Unicoi County Republican Party: Mr. Buchanan, have you been living under a rock or are you simply misinformed?

Rep. Kent Williams has brought more funding to Carter County than any other officeholder, ever. I don’t know about Unicoi County, but Carter County voters vote for the person they know can do the job, not for the candidate four or five committee members tell them to vote for.

When Rep. Kent Williams went into office, Carter County hadn’t seen a state road construction barrel in years. We had to drive to Knoxville or Nashville to see one. Since he has been our representative, we’ve had five major bridges replaced, one being the Siam Bridge in which some people lost their lives because of the dangers the old one created. The new Gap Creek Road is under construction – another road that has cost lives. The five-lane project on Lynn Avenue, including a new bridge over Watauga River, has bettered traffic flow. The intersection at Highway 321 and 67 has been widened. There’s a new bridge at Elk Mills. The list goes on and on.

People in our district have access to public water for the first time in history because of funding and grants Rep. Williams helped secure. Under construction at this very moment is a new addition to the Tennessee Technology Center, that cost $18 million. There are so many grants that have been received by our schools, youths, senior citizens and other organizations. I can’t remember them all. I thank Rep. Williams for them all. He has proven time and time again that his first priority is the people of his district.

Mr. Buchanan, Rep. Williams as Speaker of the House, was directly involved in securing funding for the new Governor’s Bend assisted living facility in yes, Unicoi County. You could call former Gov. Phil Bredesen and ask him, but I doubt you’d believe a Democrat. He also asked the Republican leaders in Nashville this past session to simply send a letter to the federal government asking for continued funding of the Erwin fish hatchery, which was opposed by many Republicans. What kind of crumbs do you want? Your Republican friends in Middle Tennessee don’t care if your hatchery remains open.

Rep. Williams realizes what is good for Unicoi County is good for Carter County, and vice versa.

Rep. Williams has been endorsed by the Tennessee Right to Life and the NRA, two endorsements that every Republican longs to receive.

He has won the last two elections by overwhelming numbers because the people of Carter County appreciate what he has accomplished for them by having the good old common sense of working together with both parties. From your letter, I don’t suppose you know what that means. And, if you don’t think he has influence in Nashville, you are sadly mistaken.

Mr. Buchanan, if you want a puppet for Middle Tennessee, don’t support Rep. Williams. If you want Unicoi County to reap the benefits like Carter County has the last six years, vote for Rep. Kent Williams. Unicoi County residents deserve the best. I am and have been a solid Republican all of my life and would happily put my Republican voting record up against yours. I believe the good people of Unicoi County will make the right decision, because they aren’t puppets, either.

Thank you,

Eddie Wilson, Hampton


2 Responses to Writer says Williams has benefited Carter County

  1. YouTube: TN Candidate Interviews – Glen Casada – Tea Party HD [Elizabethton fish hatchery most prominent state pork barrel project; 2010]

  2. The unrelenting Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney (who I speculate has never set foot inside of Carter County for any appreciable length of time and is clearly ignorant of our history) makes me think of that British Major Patrick Ferguson who also had a penchant for telling our ancestorial residents of both Carter County and Unicoi County to “toe the line or else”:

    Legislature’s Only Independent Targeted By State GOPhttp://blogs.knoxnews.com/humphrey/2012/10/legislatures-only-independent.htmlPosted by Tom Humphrey on October 23, 2012 at 8:54 AM

    “In a radio ad, state Republican Chairman Chris Devaney is declaring the party’s backing for Elizabethton attorney Thomas Gray, who is opposing re-election of former House Speaker Kent Williams, the only independent member of the Tennessee Legislature.

    Devaney earlier this year wrote election officials to declare Williams is not a “bona fide Republican” after the 4th House District incumbent picked up qualifying papers to run as a Republican.

    Williams was initially elected as a Republican, but joined with Democrats in 2009 to elect himself to a two-year term as House speaker and was subsequently booted from the GOP by former Republican Chairman Robin Smith.

    The 30-second radio ad, sponsored by the Republican Party, is scheduled to run on two stations in the area, according to Adam Nickas, executive director of the state GOP. It doesn’t mention Williams…”

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