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Writer seeks to clarify intent and point of letter



Please — I had a valid point. My mistake was using the animal shelter as a springboard to expose a possible scenario as to how future county projects are likely to follow the same destructive pattern as the jail if taxpayers are not vigilant in keeping a watchful eye. We can no longer afford to trust our present commission to look out for our best interest.

The animal shelter people went on the defensive and missed the point. I explained the point. They missed the point again, so I will change the focus.

It was pointed out to me that if our citizens read and miss the point then what has our educational system accomplished. Our commission habitually and repeatedly pours taxpayer money into that failing system in the hopes that if we keep doing the same thing we will get better results. They have missed the point.

It was also suggested to me that we have a shootout at the courthouse dubbed “The Cat Fight of Carter County,” sell tickets and then donate the proceeds to the animal shelter.

I would much prefer that this controversy has brought attention to the needs at the animal shelter and donations to that worthy cause will increase.

Linda Stewart



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